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While its benefits are clear, integrated coastal management (ICM) can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, requiring sufficient expertise and resources. By definition, no single organization, agency or institution can achieve success without the support and collaboration of other stakeholders. This includes experts with knowledge, experience and funding focus on specific aspects of coastal governance, including science, policy, management practice and finance, among others. Local governments and others can benefit immensely from utilizing NGOs, consultants, research organizations, development programs and others to support and accelerate their ICM programs.

This e-Directory includes a catalogue of organizations that have been identified as offering expertise, services and/or funding that could help support ICM programs in the region.

If you are an organization with ICM expertise or funding mandate—including pollution reduction and waste management; food security and livelihood management; water use and supply management; habitat protection, restoration and management; and natural and man-made hazard prevention and management—and you would like to be discovered by programs in East Asia, you may submit your information for consideration for inclusion in e-Directory.

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