Coastal Management Approaches for Sea Level Related Hazards

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
Type of Resource: 
Best Practice / Lessons Learned

This compendium aims to provide examples of good practice in preparedness for, and awareness of, tsunami and other sea-level related hazards, selected from the case-studies presented at a NEAMTIC workshop (UNESCO-IOC, 2012), complemented by experience gained from countries outside the NEAM region. It presents examples on how to prepare, respond to or mitigate/reduce such hazards. Short descriptions of these initiatives are given, highlighting interesting and innovative elements, approaches, tools, etc., that could be replicated, given similar conditions, or to provide a basis for the development of new approaches more appropriate for other areas. It aims also to stimulate new ideas and further action for mainstreaming coastal hazard preparedness and awareness in ICAM, in a hope of creating safer coasts in the future. The examples compiled here enhance awareness and preparedness and provide useful insights and lessons for coastal risk and climate change managers and policymakers, development planners, and practitioners at national and local levels. Case studies illustrating mismanagement and/or poor planning are also presented, raising important issues of awareness and preparedness.