Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action

Eliza Northrop, Susan Ruffo, Gwynne Taraska, Lisa Schindler Murray, Emily Pidgeon, Emily Landis, Elizabeth Cerny-Chipman, Anna-Marie Laura, Dorothée Herr, Lisa Suatoni, Gerald Miles, Tim Fitzgerald, Joshua D. McBee, Tamara Thomas, Sarah Cooley, Anne Merwin, Ariane Steinsmeier, Doug Rader, Mario Finch
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This guide presents a suite of ocean-based mitigation and adaptation options for governments to consider in developing new or updated NDCs. The options identified in this guide do not prescribe whether or not a country chooses its NDC as the vehicle for its Adaptation Communication, and can have equal relevance for countries as they consider their adaptation priorities and plans through other national and local adaptation planning processes such as National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).