Handbook for Disaster Assessment

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC)
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Guides and Manuals

This new handbook strengthens procedures for estimating the effects and impacts of disasters and provides an integral accounting approach to bring them together into a coherent picture, distinguishing between losses and additional costs and with due account of linkages between different sectors of the economy. It also addresses crosscutting issues such as gender and the environment. The first section of the handbook covers conceptual aspects of disasters and the basis for the methodology for estimating their effects. Section II concerns how to quantify the effects of disasters on the various sectors in society, while the third section deals with quantifying the effects on infrastructure and the fourth focuses on the production sectors. The final section discusses the cross-cutting consequences of disasters, such as their impacts on macroeconomic variables, the different effect they have on men and women owing to underlying gender relations in society and their specific environmental consequences. (Source: Book - Foreword)