The Mayakoba touristic development: a model of sustainable tourism in the Mexican Caribbean

D. Zarate-Lomeli et. al.
Latin America and the Caribbean
Type of Resource: 
Best Practice / Lessons Learned

The Mayakoba Touristic Development (MTD) belongs to Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL). It is located in the central coastal Mexican Caribbean, where there are ecosystems of great ecological value and fragile balance. MTD is inserted into an environmental matrix with high valuable ecosystems, such as mangroves, coastal dunes, tropical forests, and reefs. The process for the design of this project was focused in the conservation of these ecosystems and their natural processes. The interaction between the project, the manmade system of water canals and the implementation of good and better environmental practices during the design, construction and operation processes, have allowed MTD to be considered as a model of sustainable development by the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as national and international organizations such as Rainforest Alliance, MARTI, and World Tourism Organization.