Port Safety, Health and Environmental Management Code (PSHEM Code)

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of Asia (PEMSEA)
Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand
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Technical Reports / References

The PSHEM Code specifies requirements for an effective port safety, health and environmental management system (PSHEMS) to enable an organization to develop and implement policy and objectives that take into account legal requirements and information about hazards associated with its activities, which have or can have significant risk or impact to safety, health and environment. The PSHEMS is intended to be integrated with other management requirements of the organization, thereby helping to achieve business and economic goals as well. The PSHEM Code is intended to apply to all types and sizes of ports. For this reason, the requirements are expressed in broad terms as guiding principles and objectives so that they can have widespread application. It is for this reason that the PSHEM Code does not state specific port safety, health and environmental protection criteria. The cornerstone of good safety, health and environmental management is commitment from the top management. Furthermore, in matters of accident and pollution prevention, it is the commitment, competence, attitude and motivation of all individuals, at all levels, in every organization that determines the end result.