User's Guide on Assessing Water Governance

Maria Jacobson et. al.
Type of Resource: 
Guides and Manuals

This guide is a resource for stakeholders to conduct water governance assessments more effectively within their own local or national context. It provides practical advice on what to consider when designing and implementing an assessment. It also offers guidance on a number of concrete topics, such as which governance aspects are important to look at, the choice of indicators, data collection, how to manage multi-stakeholder processes and how to use the findings to influence policy. Specifically, this guide enables users to:- Understand how assessments can inform policy-making;- Select, adapt and develop appropriate assessment frameworks and indicators for governance assessments in the water sector;- Design multi-stakeholders approaches that further dialogue and consensus-building around water sector reform, and strengthen accountability by offering an official track record of government performance and a platform for public scrutiny by a wide range of actors;- Implement water governance assessments to drive reform.The guide is structured around three overarching questions: why, what and how to assess water governance. It is divided into six main chapters and also includes a Source Guide. The Source Guide presents an overview of selected tools and cases of water governance assessments in different regions, each of which has different objectives, information requirements and target groups. (Source: