Water and Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins: Lessons Learned and Good Practices

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe/International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)
Type of Resource: 
Best Practice / Lessons Learned

In spite of local uncertainties about the intensity and variability of climate change, the frequency of extreme phenomena that result from it, and about its impacts on water resources, it is urgent to initiate adaptation measures in river basin management, including transboundary basins. Thus, the drafting of multi-year Management Plans for the Basins of national and transboundary rivers, lakes and aquifers, is becoming a priority and should incorporate these adaptation measures. This publication identifies the field experiments made and aims to provide practical advice through 58 case studies and 63 "lessons learned" about how to prepare and implement a strong, realistic and operational medium-to-long-term plan for adapting to climate change in the basins.