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Prof. Rudolf Wu

Hong Kong
Focus Area
Pollution Reduction

Summary of training and learning activities

PEMSEA workshops, training sessions, and other learning activities

Using science and technology to scale up integrated coastal management”
Resource Speaker, Organizer


University-led workshops, training sessions, and other learning activities

Global Environmental Leadership Program
Hong Kong
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6.1 Reduce the proportion of untreated wastewater being discharged into drainage systems, rivers and coastal waters

New methods to evaluate removal efficiencies of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants in waste water treatment processes and discharges (e.g. using Artificial mussels, SPMDs and biomarkers)
Cost effective removal of nutrients in wastewater

6.4 Increase in number of people with access to secure and safe potable water in accordance with national water quality crieteria and/or standards

Eutrophication and hypoxia: impact on marine ecosystem structure and function, biogeochemical processes and cycles, microbial function, recovery
Impact of hypoxia on fish: impairment on reproduction and development., trans-generational and epigenetic effects
Derive water quality guidelines based on species sensitivity distribution
Develop a standard toxicity test based on lethal and sublethal responses of a suite of marine organisms
Rapid in situ detection of toxic metals, toxic organic compounds and endocrine disrupting chemicals using biosensors, molecular imprinting, cell assays and biomarkers
Environmental and public health risk assessment


14.1 Scale up the protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and resources that are socially, ecologically and/or economically significant as a percentage of the areal extent of coastal and marine areas within the jurisdiction of the local government

Unravel keystone species and species that perform essential ecological functions in marine ecosystems
Identify ecosystem services of species in marine ecosystems

14.2 Increase the production of certified fisheries and aquaculture products in accordance with national guidelines and standards and other relevant standards if national standards do not exist

Sustainable capture and culture fisheries