PNLC Directory

University President/Center Director
Atty. DANILO CONCEPCION/Marie Frances J. Nievales (Division Chair and Focal Person for PNLC UPV)

Supported ICM Sites
Focus Area

Summary of training and learning activities

PEMSEA workshops, training sessions, and other learning activities

Training on Philippines CCRES Tools
tagaytay City, Philippines
Participant, Resource Speaker

Tools learned is useful in evaluation of MPA networks established in ICM Site Guimaras and in identifying key needs for Better MPA Management

Useful instructional materials for CRM related courses in various graduate and undergraduate curricular programs in UPV

Marine ecosystem services valuation and spatial management tools
Busan, Republic of Korea

Useful knowledge and mental model of concepts learned when particopting in ICM coordination committee of Guimaras ICM Site

Useful in teaching and relevant instructional materials were shared


Training on Specify 7 Database management software for biological resource collections
Marine Science Institute UP diliman, philippines

Initiating and improving in database and management of biological collections for teaching and research.

May be useful if Guimaras plans to establish a museum; UPV Marine Biological Station under the Division of Biological Station is situated within a national marine reserve in the ICM site and the university station maintains a small biological collection of specimens found in Taklong Island National Marine Reserve in

Useful in improving database management of current biological collections for teaching and research

University-led workshops, training sessions, and other learning activities

Forum on Biodiversity and Conservation Studies in Taklong Island National Marine Reserve, Guimaras
UPV Marine Biological Station, Taklong Island, Guimaras
Resource Speaker, Organizer, Host

Expands biodiversity information of Guimaras; Information and educational campaign to stakeholders of Guimaras

Research dissemination

Instructional requirements as well as university commitment with management board of a national marine reserve where the University has an educational and research facility and is a major stakeholder

Training on Basic Culture Techniques on sea Cucumber Production
UPV Marine Biological Station, Taklong Island, Guimaras
Resource Speaker, Organizer, Host

Capacity building and provides information of potential livelihood option for Guimaras

Research dissemination and capacitating of local partners and other stakeholders of the sea cucumber fishery


13.3 Improve Education, awareness raising and human institutional capacity in climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning

Community/Extension Services


14.1 Scale up the protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and resources that are socially, ecologically and/or economically significant as a percentage of the areal extent of coastal and marine areas within the jurisdiction of the local government

Community/Extension Services

14.2 Increase the production of certified fisheries and aquaculture products in accordance with national guidelines and standards and other relevant standards if national standards do not exist