ICM System Certification Rapid Assessment

The ICM System Certification Rapid Assessment helps local governments to quickly assess the current performance of their ICM System, including strengths and opportunities for improving ICM implementation and operation.

Answer the questions below to determine the status of your local government’s ICM System and current practices as compared to the requirements of ICM Code Level 1 requirements. For each of the following 7 sets of questions, please indicate whether: 

1. Data is available and you are able to comply with the requirement

2. Data is not conclusive

3. Data is not available or you are not able to fulfill the requirement

ICM coordinating mechanism established and meeting regularly

ICM Coordinating Office - ICM office established and operational

Work Plan, Budget and Financing - Annual work plan prepared/budget allocated

State of Coast - SOC baseline/coastal profile prepared

Stakeholder Participation - Stakeholder identification and consultation

Coastal Strategy - Coastal strategy prepared

Sustainable Development Aspects - At least 2 sustainable development aspects planned and initiated