1) Ocean Investment Ecosystem for East Asia

The sustainable development of coasts and oceans might well prove to be the next impact investment frontier. Over the last 20+ years, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and other donors have contributed billions of dollars to (1) support regional scientific assessments, (2) develop regional Strategic Action Programmes (SAPs) and (3) set up or strengthen institutional mechanisms for improved governance of coasts and oceans.

Regional Pre-investment Facility

These science-based and government-approved SAPs have the potential to reduce investment risks, providing more certainty for longer-term commercial returns, along with accountability frameworks for social and environmental impact. In most cases, the problems are recognized, the solutions are known and investment capital is available and seeking good projects. The main bottleneck is a lack of pipeline of bankable investment opportunities.

Working with international partners, PEMSEA is developing a regional investment facility with two main components:

  • Pre-investment facility for identifying and developing a pipeline of bankable projects
  • Links to actively managed, sector-focused investment funds

Leveraging ongoing project work at over 100 ICM sites in 12 countries and a network of dozens of technical and program partners around the region, the pre-investment facility provides services and tools for sourcing an investment pipeline and connecting investors to investment opportunities.

Connect with Investment Opportunities