3) Discover ICM Investment Gaps and Opportunities

A significant need exists for investment capital and expertise to scale up integrated management of coastal and marine areas. ICM investments are those that consider environmental and social impacts and build the long-term ecological, social and economic health of coastal and marine ecosystems and communities.

A number of mechanisms exist for ICM investment including traditional debt or equity investments, structured public-private partnership (PPP), impact investments and innovative new approaches such as green bonds, payments for ecosystem services, biodiversity offsets and revolving loan funds.

PEMSEA has identified ten investment categories that governments in the region have identified as areas of need and opportunity:

  1. ICM Development and Implementation
  2. Coastal Transport
  3. Ecotourism / Sustainable Tourism
  4. Energy
  5. Enterprise & Livelihood Development
  6. Fisheries & Food Security
  7. Habitat Protection, Restoration & Management
  8. Natural / Man-made Hazard Prevention & Management
  9. Pollution Reduction & Waste Management
  10. Water Use & Supply Management

What are the potential investment gaps in your local coastal and marine areas? Where could investment benefit the ecological and economic health of your area? Take a simple rapid assessment to learn more about types of ICM investments and where you might consider investing. You may wish to review the assessment ahead of time and/or complete it with a team.

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