SOC Rapid Assessment

Do you want to know how your city, municipality or province is faring in the sustainable development of its coastal and marine areas? Take this simple rapid assessment to learn more about the aspects of governance and management programs that your city/municipality/province is progressing, as well as areas that requires further attention.  Some items may require further investigation, so you may wish to review the questions ahead of time and/or complete the assessment with a team.

For each of the following 20 questions, please indicate whether the element in question is: 1. (Yes, Available, Improving trend)  ; 2. (Baseline data, Data Not conclusive, No trend) ; 3. (No, Not available, Deteriorating trend; 4. (No data) ----- 

In a later step, you will have the opportunity to generate and publish online your sample report. It will also direct you to a PEMSEA representative should you wish to develop a complete SOC report of your city/municipality of province.


Policy, strategies and plans
Institutional arrangements
Information and public awareness
Capacity development
Financing Mechanisms


Natural and man-made hazard prevention and management
Habitat protection, restoration and management
Water use and supply management
Food security and livelihood management
Pollution reduction and waste management