Ocean Experts - Individuals

The PEMSEA Task Force's objective is to serve as a technical support mechanism for the implementation of programs and projects within the framework of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA). The establishment of the Task Force ensures the region's access to expert services and advice as well as support and assistance in ICM program development and implementation. The PEMSEA Task Force approach also provides an opportunity to train the next generation of experts and practitioners in the region by engaging young professionals/individuals within participating countries in on-the-ground experiences. The PEMSEA Task Force is therefore expected to provide strong support to PEMSEA Partners in promoting the replication and scaling up of ICM efforts across the region.

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Recommend an Ocean Expert

Ms. Clarissa Arida

ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)
Director, Programme Development & Implementation
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Ms. Pham Thi Chin

Danang Agency for Seas and Islands, Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Dr. Zhang Zhaohui

China - PEMSEA Center
Deputy Director
  • Ocean Governance and Strategic Partnerships

Ms. Cao Le Quyen

Institute of Fisheries Economics and Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Viet Nam
Deputy Director
  • Blue Economy Investment and Sustainable Financing

Prof. Chul Hwan Koh

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (Oceanography), College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University
Professor Emeritus
  • Blue Economy Investment and Sustainable Financing
South Korea

Dr. Sung Kwon Soh

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
Science Manager
South Korea

Dr. Peng Benrong

Xiamen University
Associate Professor
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Prof. Osamu Matsuda

International EMECS Center
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Dr. Praparsiri Barnette

Burapha University
Head, Department of Aquatic Sciences; Faculty of Science
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Prof. Wen Quan

SOA Key Laboratory of Coastal and Environmental Research, National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center, State Oceanic Administration
Chief Scientist
  • Blue Economy Investment and Sustainable Financing

Mr. Prak Visal

Project Management Office, Preah Sihanouk Province National ICM Demonstration Programme, Sihanoukville
ICM Coordinator
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Mr. Victorino Aquitania

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
Regional Director
  • Climate Change Adaptation and DRRM

Vic serves as the Regional Director of ICLEI Southeast Asia. He brings more than three decades of professional experience working with local governments in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand on various urban development issues. He manages a team of experts and consultants within the Southeast Asia region--dealing with urban development issues focusing on environmental sustainability. Vic works directly with external support agencies and national governments to develop and deploy ICLEI's Pathways and advocacy in the region. During his career as a civil servant and as Regional Director, he has been involved in more than 30 international projects. Prior to joining ICLEI, he has worked with the City Government of Baguio as Project Development Officer and Development Management Officer in the local planning department, particularly working on urban planning focusing on environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Development, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Institutional and Policy Development, International Cooperation, Project Development, Urban Planning and Law

Education: M.A. Public Administration; Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Ms. Maeve Nightingale

Mangroves For the Future (MFF) Secretariat, IUCN
Capacity Development Manager
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Ms Maeve Nightingale is the Capacity Development Manager for MFF. She leads the capacity development programme which aims to contribute to the growing need for qualified coastal practitioners by building a strong cadre of coastal managers and policy makers with the knowledge, tools and skills to design and implement sustainable Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) programmes for countries in the region.

Maeve joined MFF in February 2013 having lead IUCN’s Coastal and Marine Programme under the Ecosystems and Livelihood Group since August 2007. During this time she managed several large coastal management projects in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, and provided technical support for a number of IUCN and MFF projects in multiple other countries.

Maeve holds a BSc degree in Marine and Freshwater Ecology from the University of London Queen Mary College and an MSc in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture from the University of Bangor, North Wales. Before joining IUCN, she worked in the field of coastal ecosystems management for 13 years, through various government, non-government, and international development organizations in the UK, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Ghana.

Dr. Natalie Degger

Deputy Project Manager
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Dr. Natalie Degger has provided consultancy and technical services to networks of national departments, universities, science institutions and industrial partners involved in marine pollution monitoring and earth observational science. During her time with MERIT, Natalie was involved with the Global Artificial Mussel Watch Program and delivered training to environmental managers and scientists from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Before joining LME:Learn, Natalie worked at PEMSEA in 2015 on a one-year fellowship where she is involved in activities supporting the UNDP/GEF Scaling up SDS-SEA implementation project. She is also assisting with the GEF/World Bank Medium-sized Project on Applying Knowledge Management to Scale up Partnership Investments for Sustainable Development of Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia and their Coasts.

Dr. Jungho Nam

Korea Maritime Institute
Research Fellow
  • Integrated Coastal Management
South Korea

Dr. Nam, Jungho has been working at Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) since 1996, which is a government-affiliated research entity under the Prime Minister’s Office. His researches cover integrated coastal planning, climate change adaptation, marine environment management, marine ecosystem protection, coastal conflict resolution, transboundary marine environmental affairs, official development assistance, marine science and technology application etc. He has contributed to the formulation of marine policies for his government and establishment of legal and institutional mechanisms for sustainable ocean and coasts. He also has been involved in global and regional environmental issues and their related activities, including land-based activities control, marine debris management, coastal watershed management, transboundary protected areas etc. He contributed to activities of PEMSEA, COBSEA, NOWPAP, YSLME and World Ocean Forum. He served members of National Commission on Sustainable Development, National Commission on Coastal Management, and National Commission on Land Use Regulation. And he has been leading Marine Ecosystem Service Research Network of Korea (MESN Korea).

Dr. Taufiq Alimi

RARE Indonesia
Vice President
  • Knowledge Management and Capacity Building

Taufiq Alimi has excellent knowledge plus extensive exposure dealing with international organizations from World Bank to UNDP to oversee various projects conducted in Indonesia particularly related to environmental issues.

He is an environmental economist, a proven expert in cross-cultures communications as well as System Thinking For Organizations, and has helped numerous challenging projects such as The Asian Community Trust (1999 to 2005), besides serving LEAD Indonesia (1998 – 2004) as Program Director before shifting to managing Indonesia Eco-Labeling Institute as Executive Director since 2004-2009. He is prominent person in Indonesian forestry and is elected to be Executive Chair of National Forestry Council.

Taufiq studied Nuclear Engineering at the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta and earned his engineering degree in 1993, he earned his second degree on Environmental Policy Studies in University Oberlin (1995), Ohio USA, and continued to studying Environmental Economics at the University of the Philippines, at Los Banos (1999).

Dr. Porfirio Aliño

Academician of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Philippines
Research Professor
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Dr. Porfirio Alexander Miel Aliño is recognized for his outstanding research on the important and diverse coastal ecosystems in the Philippines: the coral reefs. His study on the coral reef community in Bolinao was the basis for the development of a holistic model of the reef structure and its interrelationships. His significant work on the reefs and reef environment as habitats for fish assemblages has important implications for reef fisheries which constitute over 50% of small-scale fishing in the Philippines.

Ms. Bui Thi Thu Hien

IUCN, Vietnam
Marine and Coastal Resources Programme Coordinator and MFF National Coordinator
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Marine and Coastal Resources Programe Coordinator at IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature (Viet Nam Office). She graduated from Biology Department, Viet Nam National University in 1993 and Master of Science at the Department of System Ecology, Stockholm University, Sweden in 1997. Since October 1998 till now, she works for IUCN, Marine and Coastal Program from Project Support Officer to Program Officer and now she is the Coordinator to the Program. As Coordinator of the IUCN Vietnam Marine and Coastal Program, she coordinated all key activities under the programme that included: (1) Provision of technical and policy support to the implementation and development of Vietnam’s National System of Marine Protected Areas; 2) Support Viet Nam the development and implementation the Marine turtle Conservation Action Plan (MTCAP) (2004-2010) and update MTCAP for period 2016-2025 with its priorities activities that focuses on community based marine turtle conservations; (3) Provide technical assistance to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site Management Department; (4) Supported and coordinated the development and implementation ICM, MSP and Ridge to Reef in differences coastal provinces; and (5) From 2010 till 2016, coordinated Viet Nam Mangroves for the Future Initiative (MFF) with its priorities focus on Climate change adaptation following ecological system based approach, green growth. Consider coastal ecological system is nature infrastructure and the core element for coastal area resilience. Since 2018, coordinate Viet Nam’s Marine Plastic Pollution activities under the IUCN global initiative MarPlasticcs focus on Policy, Knowledge, Capacity and Businesses.

Dr. Keita Furukawa

Ocean Research and Development Department, OPRI-SPF
  • Integrated Coastal Management

Dr. Keita Furukawa received a Dr (Eng.) in Civil Engineering in 2004 from the Waseda University, Japan. He has almost 30 years’ experience with marine and coastal environmental research, coastal ecosystem restoration and ocean policy. Estuaries, Tidal-flats, Seagrass beds, Coral Reefs, and Mangrove Forests are the field of interests. His career includes a researcher position at the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM: former PHRI) from 1988 to 2013, visiting research fellow at Australian Institute for Marine Science (AIMS) from 1994 to 1996, and affiliate professor of Yo kohama National University ( YNU) from 2008 to present. Since April 2013, he is working at OPRI/SPF on Ocean governance, Blue Economy, Ocean Education, Maritime Security, and Integrated Coastal Management. He has been served as one of leading scientists for corroborative research project “Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management (ICOM): From National Policy to Local Implementation” in the ocean development sub-committee under Japan-France Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement since 2009 with Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (IFREMER).

Dr. Nestor Yunque

University of the Philippines, Visayas
Vice Chancellor for Administration
  • Climate Change Adaptation and DRRM

VP Nestor G. Yunque is a former Vice Chancellor for Administration of the University of the Philippines Visayas in Iloilo. A graduate of the Philippine Science High School, he is an Assistant Professor at the UPV College of Arts and Sciences-Division of Biological Sciences.

As the Vice President for Administration of the University of the Philippines, Prof. Yunque has responsibilities over human resources, compensation and benefits, union & management relations, procurement and related administrative matters.

He is an active advocate and resource person on disaster risk reduction and climate change resiliency campaigns, he was Project Leader of the Project ReBUILD (Jalaur River Basin Component): A project on capacity building for 21 municipalities comprising the river basin of Jalaur directed towards resiliency in relation to Climate-induced disasters. Project ReBUILD was funded by the Government of New Zealand and was managed by United National Development Program and the Philippine Climate Change Commission.