PNLG Tracking System


PNLG Members are already acting – through the implementation of ICM programs – to improve conservation efforts, protect biodiversity, adapt to climate change, reduce pollution, build sustainable communities, but progress too often goes unrecognized and is not measured or reported consistently. Sharing the impact of these ongoing efforts and catalyzing new actions is imperative, in part because of the recently adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also as a core objective of the PNLG network.

The principal outcomes are:
a) the establishment of an management plan showing how a PNLG member will deliver on its commitment(s)
b) reporting on the progress toward the commitment(s) using agreed indicators to measure progress.

PNLG Members have an enormous opportunity to make even greater impact. The PNLG Members’ actions in four sectors of the SDGs – water and sanitation, sustainable communities, climate, and food security and conservation – brings attention to and quantifies local government commitments and actions, provides investment opportunities and enhances investor confidence and capital flows into sustainable development efforts at the sub-national level.

Read more about the PNLG Ansan Declaration here.

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