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Quang Nam coastal zone extends along to the north west - south east, bordering the county boundary from the Non Nuoc, Da Nang City in the north to Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province in the south. On the mainland, the coastal area of Quang Nam province including 6 district and city: Dien Ban, Hoi An, Duy Xuyen, Thang Binh, Nui Thanh, Tam Ky
Coastal area of Quang Nam is 1.582,90 km2 (including the island of Tan Hiep commune covers an area of 15.5 km2, Cu Lao Cham Island), Area of Cham Islands is 233.5 km2 , area of marine up to 30m depth is 1490 km2 or 1800 km2 (up to 50m depth). Coastal zone has 98 communes / wards / towns, including 14 communes / wards in coastal and one commune is islands (Cham Island), communes / wards located on the basin of Thu Bon - Vu Gia river system.

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