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Tangerang regency is one of regencies in Banten Province whose position is located in the eastern part of the province of Banten. Geographically located at coordinates 106 ° 20'-106 ° 43 'east longitude and 6 ° 00'-6 ° 00'20 "south latitude.The total area of Tangerang regency total is 959.61 km ² or 95 961 hectares, is in the northern part bounded by the Bay of Jakarta and Java Sea with a coastline ± 51.2 kilometers.The number of districts that are owned Tangerang District, there are 29 districts, comprising 8 districts of coastal and the administrative center located at Tigaraksa Districts.

The three crucial issues faced by the whole village, namely:
1. The process of integrated coastal development have not yet coordinated and integrated manner
2. The village evolved without design planning and dissconectivity with other regions.
3. The cultural characteristics of rural (rural) village activity still prominent, but the movement of the economy is moving towards urban area (urban). but because it is not planned (by desaign), marginalized rural communities economic activity (economic dependency land).

Gerbang Mapan ( Integrated Coastal Management Development Program) is an excellent program area Tangerang Regency designed to provide acceleration for the development of coastal communities based on three (3) pillars of development, namely (i) the acceleration of economic development, which is supported by (ii) acceleration of development of infrastructure, and (iii) strengthening community empowerment. We Are Started Joining with PNLG at 2016

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SDG Targets

    SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

6.1 Reduce the proportion of untreated wastewater being discharged into drainage systems, rivers and coastal waters

6.4 Increase in number of people with access to secure and safe potable water in accordance with national water quality crieteria and/or standards

6.5 Increase in watershed areas covered by integrated coastal and water resources management plans

    SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

11.1 Increase access to adequate, safe and affordable housing

11.2 Increase in access to solid waste management systems, including waste reduction, recycling and reuse in accordance with national guidelines and/or regulations

11.3 Increase availability and accesibility to safe and inclusive green public spaces

    SDG 13 Climate Action

13.1 Reduction in the number of households that are highly vulnerable to the hazards of climate change and other natural and manmade disasters

13.2 Reduction in losses, in terms of lives, damage to property, and the economy, by climate and non-climate related events, including red tide and harmful algal blooms/red tide

13.3 Improve Education, awareness raising and human institutional capacity in climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning

    SDG 14 Life Below Water

14.1 Scale up the protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and resoiurces that are socially, ecologically and/or economically significant as a percentage of the areal extent of coastal and marine areas within the jurisdiction of the local government

14.3 Increase the number of coastal and marine tourism sites that are recognized as sustainable tourism and/or ecotourism sites in accordance with national guidelines and standards and other relevant standards if national standards do not exist