Regional Dashboard

6.1 Reduce the proportion of untreated wastewater being discharged into drainage systems, rivers and coastal waters.

2015 2021
6.1.1 Increase in proportion of wastewater from households and industries being treated in accordance with national regulations/standards Treated household wastewater (m3/year)*


Treated industrial wastewater (m3/year)*

Treated household wastewater (m3/year)*


Treated industrial wastewater (m3/year)*


2015 Population Served 2021 Population Served
6.1.2 Increase in population served by centralized wastewater collection system 3,200,014.00


6.2 Increase recycling and safe reuse of treated effluents

2015 Treated effluents (m3/year)* 2021 Treated effluents (m3/year)*
6.2.1 Increase in treated effluents safely recycled or reused 10,511.00


6.3 Increase water-use efficiency by industry

2015 output (ton/m3) 2021 output (ton/m3)
6.3.1 Increase in production output (ton/m3) or production net value (USD/m3) per unit of water used 151,200.00


6.4 Increase in number of people with access to secure and safe potable water in accordance with national water quality criteria and/or standards

2015 population with access* 2021 population with access
6.4.1 Increase in number of people with access to secure and safe potable water 672,195.00


6.5 Increase in watershed areas covered by integrated coastal and water resources management plans

2015 area covered (km2 2021 area covered (km2
6.5.1 Increase in areal extent of river basins and coastal areas covered by ICRMP and supporting institutional arrangements 17.00


11.1 Increase access to adequate, safe and affordable housing

2015 households 2021 households
11.1.1 Reduction in number of households affected by flashfloods 669.00


11.1.2 Reduction in number of informal settling households 921.00


11.1.3 Increase in number of low income families with adequate housing 723.00


11.2 Increase in access to solid waste management systems, including waste reduction, recycling and reuse in accordance with national guidelines and/or regulations

2015 households 2021 households
11.2.1 Increase in number of households covered by adequate garbage/domestic waste collection system 223,173.00


2015 Recycled solid waste (tons/year) 2021 Recycled solid waste (tons/year)
11.2.2 Increase in recycling rate of municipal wastes 501,593.39


11.3 Increase availability and accesibility to safe and inclusive green public spaces

2015 green space (m2) 2021 green space (m2)
11.3.1 Increase in access to green public space 226,356.00


11.3.2 Increase in public parks/green space with lighting and surveillance equipment for safety and security 26,566.00


13.1 Reduction in the number of households that are highly vulnerable to the hazards of climate change and other natural and manmade disasters

2015 households 2021 households
13.1.1 Reduction in the number of households that are highly vulnerable to the hazards of climate change and other natural and manmade hazards 70,033.00


13.2 Reduction in losses, in terms of lives, damage to property, and the economy, by climate and non-climate related events, including red tide and harmful algal blooms/red tide

13.2.1 Reduction in losses due to climate-related events and non-climate hazards

13.2.1.a. Losses with respect to climate-related events

Severe Storms: 3.00
Severe Doughts: 2.00
Floods: 2.00
Storm Surges: 2.00
Landslides: 2.00
Coastal Erosion: 2.00
Others: 2.00
2015 2021
Morbidity (number of attributed illnesses) 5,043.00 1,044.00
Mortality (number of attributed deaths) 545.00 46.00
Number of persons displaced from their homes 1,047.00 548.00
Employment days lost (person-days) 99.00 55.00
Number of lives lost 201.00 52.00
Damage to property (USD/year) 100,053.00 25,054.00
Direct economic lost (USD/year) 20,055.00 2,056.00
Total population affected by climate-related events 200,057.00 20,058.00
Length of coastline affected (km) 179.00 160.00
Land area affected (km2) 5,061.00 562.00

13.2.1.b. Losses with respect to non-climate hazards

2015 2021
Morbidity (number of attributed illnesses) 174.00 75.00
Mortality (number of attributed deaths) 174.00 75.00
Number of persons displaced from their homes 174.00 75.00
Employment days lost (person-days) 174.00 75.00
Number of lives lost 174.00 75.00
Damage to property (USD/year) 174.00 75.00
Direct economic lost (USD/year) 174.00 75.00
Total population affected by non-climate-related events 174.00 75.00
Length of coastline affected (km) 174.00 75.00
Land area affected (km2) 174.00 75.00

13.3 Improve Education, awareness raising and human institutional capacity in climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning

13.3.1 Increase in the number of participants accessing schools and volunteer community groups that are conducting mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning education/training as part of their primary, secondary and tertiary curricula
2015 2021
Participants 20,092.00 113,693.00
13.3.2 Increase in the coverage and application of innovative policies, legislation and coastal use zoning measures implemented to address the impacts of climate change and disaster risk reduction
2015 2021
Number of climate related policies/strategies 98.00 98.00
Number of climate related legislation 99.00 100.00
Number of other hazard related policies/strategies 105.00 104.00
Number of other hazard related legislation 105.00 104.00
Land area with climate-related zoning (km2) 1,775.00 603.00
Sea area with climate-related zoning (km2) 1,743.00 605.00
Land area with hazard-related zoning (km2) 406.00 607.00
Sea area with hazard-related zoning (km2) 408.00 609.00

14.1 Scale up the protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and resources that are socially, ecologically and/or economically significant as a percentage of the areal extent of coastal and marine areas within the jurisdiction of the local government

2015 coastal and marine areas protected (ha) 2021 coastal and marine areas protected (ha)
14.1.1 Increase in protected areas established and protected by law 14,546.70


2015 area of rehabilitated habitats (ha) 2021 area of rehabilitated habitats (ha)
14.1.2 Increase in area of coastal habitats rehabilitated 7,005.00


14.2 Increase the production of certified fisheries and aquaculture products in accordance with national guidelines and standards and other relevant standards if national standards do not exist

14.2.1 Increase in the proportion of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture products to total fisheries and/or aquaculture production
2015 2021
Total fisheries products (tons) 10,081.00 15,115.00
Total aquaculture products (tons) 616.00 5,117.00
Certified sustainable aquaculture products (tons) 618.00 5,119.00
Licensed municipal fishers 620.00 5,121.00
Licensed aquaculture areas (ha) 622.00 5,123.00

14.3 Increase the number of coastal and marine tourism sites that are recognized as sustainable tourism and/or ecotourism sites in accordance with national guidelines and standards and other relevant standards if national standards do not exist

14.3.1 Increase in the proportion of sustainable coastal and marine tourism/ecotourism sites to total tourism sites
2015 2021
Number of tourist sites 715.00 5,267.00
Number of certified eco-tourism/sustainable tourism sites 636.00 5,185.00
Total number of tourists 526,639.00 995,812.00
Number of tourists visiting certified eco-tourism/sustainable tourism sites 2,565.00 794,033.00