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A Solution Exchange is a special type of Discussion Forum where the purpose is specific: to seek solutions to actual problems from local or national government officials or from World Bank GEF projects, who are registered members of the Solution Exchange.

This is a platform for members to engage with one another in beneficial knowledge sharing by posting questions and receiving answers from experts or from amongst themselves to formulate sound solutions. Members are local government officers whose work involves preparing local policies, development or investment plans, programs or projects in Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) or sustainable development (SD) of coasts and oceans. Experts in ICM, such as academic, professional and technical staff from the PEMSEA Network of Learning Centers (PNLC) are also members of this platform.

Unlike a Discussion Forum which is unstructured and free-flowing, a group member can post only two types of messages in a Solution Exchange: a question about an actual problem encountered in the field, and a solution based on one’s actual experience solving a similar problem. The solution should be posted within one week after the query is posted. Only those with actual experience in a workable solution are expected to post their solutions.

Experience sharing enhances development of good practices and efficient dissemination and use of sound information and knowledge in the several areas associated with sustainable development of coasts and oceans.

Benefits of the PNLC Solution Exchange:

  • Improved knowledge and strengthened capacity in ICM in the EAS region
  • Efficient problem solving in ICM

Post your question and wait for a member to respond via a written reply or by uploading a document (word or pdf only).

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