The Province of Batangas is located along the southwestern edge of Luzon in the Philippines. The province has a land area of about 3,166 km² and consists of 34 cities and municipalities, of which 14 are coastal municipalities and 1 is a coastal city. The major bays of the province are Batangas Bay, Balayan and Adjacent Bays, and Tayabas and Adjacent Bays.

The Calumpang River is the major river flowing into Batangas Bay while Pansipit and Benangbang Rivers are the major rivers flowing into Balayan Bay. Major economic activities in Balayan and Tayabas Bays include fishing and tourism mainly due to its sandy beaches and coral reefs. Batangas Bay is dominated by industrial, commercial and shipping activities.

Batangas City hosts an international seaport and the majority of the large industries in the province. Verde Island Passage, located between Batangas City and Mindoro Island, is considered to be center of the global center of marine biological diversity. Maricaban Island between Mabini and Tingloy is a priority dive site. Batangas Province initiated its ICM Program in 1994.

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