Climate Change

Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action

This guide presents a suite of ocean-based mitigation and adaptation options for governments to consider in developing new or updated NDCs. The options identified in this guide do not prescribe whether or not a country chooses its NDC as the vehicle for its Adaptation Communication, and can have equal relevance for countries as they consider their adaptation priorities and plans through other national and local adaptation planning processes such as National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

Vulnerability and Adaptation of Coastal Communities to Climate Variability and Sea-Level Rise: Their Implications for Integrated Coastal Management in Cavite City, Philippines

<p>Coastal areas are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and sea-level rise. These impacts will exacerbate the risks posed by the continuing environmental degradation confronting the coastal communities. Adopting a participatory research approach, the study examines the vulnerability of socioeconomic groups among the coastal population in Cavite City, Philippines, their current adaptation strategies and their adaptive capacity to cope with the impacts of climate variability and extremes and sea-level rise.

Indicators to Assess Community-Level Social Vulnerability to Climate Change: an Addendum to SOCMON and Sem-Pasifika Regional Socioeconomic Monitoring Guidelines

<p>The purpose of this document is to provide a minimum set of socioeconomic indicators related to climate change. These can be included in a socioeconomic assessment of any site for which climate change impacts are an important issue. The resulting information can then inform coastal management needs and adaptive management.

Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planners

<p>This guidebook proposes an approach for assessing vulnerability to climate change and climate variability in coastal development projects. It also discusses developing and implementing adaptation options, and integrating options into programs, development plans, and projects at the national and local levels. This process is referred to as a vulnerability and adaptation, or V&amp;A, approach.</p>


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