Integrated Coastal Management Application

Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Vietnam: Pattern and Perspectives

<p>Vietnam's coastal zones are some of the very overexploited in the world with consequent degradation of its ecosystems and damage to public welfare. In general, the main goal of ICZM is to balance development and conservation, to ensure multi-sectoral planning and involve wide participation and conflict mediation. In the case of Vietnam, the central action will be adequate planning for development and management, whereby the development and management plans must be synchronous, efficacious by dealing with each other.

A Tale of Two Initiatives: Integrated Coastal Management in Xiamen and Batangas Bay Region

<p>Two parallel initiatives on the application of Integrated Coastal Management approach in Xiamen (PR China) and the Batangas Bay Region (Philippines) for achieving sustainable coastal development were assessed in relation to Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) applicability, effectivess, replicability and scaling up in two different political, socioeconomic, ecological and cultural settings.

Project Paper: Successful Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Program Model of a Developing Country (Xiamen, China) - Implementation in Bangladesh Perspective

<p>This paper represents the overall current situation of two Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) programs- one is as a successful model like Xiamen ICZM program in China and another is as a developing project like ICZM program in Bangladesh. The paper begins with an attempt to track the evolution of policies and their implementation on coastal zone management with particular reference from both the countries. It then discusses the coastal management and livelihood issues that predicate the different socio-economic and environmental situation between the two countries.

State of the Coasts of Batangas Province

<p>The State of the Coasts of Batangas Province was developed to assess the progress and impacts of ICM implementation in the Province. The report serves as the first comprehensive assessment of the Province's progress in terms of the SDCA framework, and in relation to its implementation of the Batangas Province Strategic Environmental Management Plan (2005-2020). This report was prepared through the concerted efforts of stakeholders, namely: national, provincial and municipal government agencies; nongovernment entities; the private sector; universities; and community groups.

State of the Coasts Report of Dongying 2010

<p>Dongying joined GEF/UNDP/PEMSEA Project on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) as a parallel site to develop and implement integrated coastal management (ICM) programs as early as in 2005. Since then, ICM programs were developed, tested and implemented as means to achieve the goal of balancing economic development and environmental conservation and sustainable use of valuable marine resources.

Scientific Approaches to Address Challenges in Coastal Management

<p>Anthropogenic activity has a negative impact on many coastal ecosystems, compromising the significant direct and indirect socio-economic benefits provided in these areas. Maintaining activities that depend on coastal zones while preserving the ecological state of the ecosystems represents a management challenge. Management of coastal zones requires scientifically based knowledge, due to the complexity of the ecological processes which occur in these ecosystems and because of interaction with the socio-economic system.

Keeping the Essentials Flowing: Promoting Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood through Integrated Coastal Management

<p>This case study presents the evolution of the implementation of integrated coastal management (ICM) in Batangas Province and how this holistic management framework has put together the various efforts towards conserving coastal resources and achieving sustainable livelihood for Mang Jury and the fishing communities</p>


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