Integrated Coastal Management Application

Xiamen's Transition to Orderly Seas

<p>Marine functional zoning reduces use conflicts, improves economic development and sustainability of use, and is thus an operational approach to sustainable development. Xiamen has experienced the benefits of ICM and has adopted it as an approach to sustainable coastal development. Together with the Provincial Government of Fujian and the adjacent cities of Zhangzhou, Longyan, and Quanzhou, Xiamen is now extending the application of ICM to the sustainable development of the Jiulong River Basin area.

Practicing Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons from Integrated Coastal Management

<p>The challenges faced in adapting to climate change present themselves with increasing urgency. Nowhere will these challenges be greater than in the developing world where often weak institutions and governance systems struggle to deal with mounting pressures from population growth, inadequate infrastructure, and diminishing or already depleted natural resources.

Jiulong River-Xiamen Bay Ecosystem Management Strategic Action Plan

<p>The objective of the Ecosystem-based Jiulong River and Xiamen Bay Management Strategic Action Plan (JXSAP) is to establish a trans-jurisdictional Jiulong River and Xiamen Bay ecosystem management framework involving the city of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Longyan. Based on an ecosystem approach, the JXSAP has identified and analyzed key environmental problems, developed a Jiulong River–Xiamen Bay pollution mitigation plan, ecological conservation and management plan and a monitoring program.</p>

Pacific Integrated Island Management: Principles, Case Studies and Lessons Learned

<p>This document is supported by an illustrated synthesis and electronic materials for use in communicating and promoting use of Integrated Island Management approaches. These products are designed to raise awareness of Integrated Island Management and promote more effective and widespread uptake of good practice principles.</p>

State of the Coasts of Cavite Province

<p>The State of the Coasts of Cavite Province, Philippines, was developed to assess and analyze the progress, achievements and impacts of ICM implementation in the province. It seeks to provide information on the changing social, economic and environmental conditions in the province and to determine the scope and effectiveness of coastal management programs that have been implemented. The report, in particular, aims to evaluate the governance mechanisms and management interventions that have been put in place and provide recommendations where improvements are necessary and critical.


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