Legislation and Regulations

Framework and Guidelines for National Marine Pollution Legislation in East Asia

This document is composed of two companion papers, the Framework for National Legislation on Marine Pollution Prevention and Management for East Asian Countries and Guidelines for National Marine Pollution Legislation for East Asian Countries. The Framework provides the features and obligations of international instruments, while the Guidelines provide the structure for and approach to national legislation.

Management Guidelines for IUCN Category V Protected Areas, Protected Landscapes/Seascapes

<p>Protected Landscapes (IUCN Protected Area Category V) are lived-in working landscapes. In the past, there has been a tendency to see them as a rather Eurocentric approach to protected areas but increasingly the category is being designated in other parts of the world, including in a number of developing countries. The Guidelines include sections on the background and on the planning of such areas, and chapters on the principles, policies, process and the means for their management.

Guidebook for Policy and Legislative Development on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Freshwater Resources

<p>This Guidebook provides information not only on national legislation, but also on a number of international agreements and conventions that have been produced in recent years. Its scope is not limited to legal issues. It addresses such issues as the precautionary principle, adaptive management, and the importance of data collection and monitoring as instruments for sustainable development.


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