Training Courses & Study Tours

PEMSEA organizes integrated coastal management (ICM) study tours in cooperation with local governments at its ICM sites. Local government leaders can attend the study tours to exchange experiences and insights on the development and implementation of ICM with their counterparts at ICM learning sites. Study tours provide local leaders with an opportunity to observe the environmental improvements and socioeconomic benefits from implementation of ICM.

Study tours aim to strengthen the capacity of the sites in various aspects of ICM development and implementation, typically including:

  • Orientation on ICM concepts, frameworks, processes, tools and good practices;
  • Demonstration of approaches and tools for developing/strengthening ICM governance mechanisms, process of Coastal Strategy development, adoption and implementation to address priority issues in collaboration with various stakeholders, and harmonizing land and sea-use planning to reduce conflicting uses of coastal areas;
  • Demonstration of on-the-ground applications through visits to selected ICM sites, considering relevant aspects for the participants’ sites; and
  • Consideration of potential applications of ICM good practices in developing and implementing local ICM programs in the participants’ sites.

Below are some of the photos from recent study tours organized in Sukabumi Regency in Indonesia for participants from Dili Municipality of Timor Leste, and in the Philippines for participants from Lao PDR.

For more information or to arrange a study tour, please contact PEMSEA.

Participants from Timor Leste at a shrimp farm in Ciletuh Geopark in Indonesia.

“Kelompok Pengelolaan Sampah Taman Kota Tenjo Resmi”
(Waste management group Tenjo city park official) 

Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) Center, University of the Philippines 

Participants from Lao PDR at the Baliwag Water District in the Philippines