Designing A Network of Marine Protected Areas for the Yellow Sea Based on Principles of Biophysical Connectivity : MPA Network Development Training Toolkit

Lozano-Knowlton, Rocio nad Walton, Anne
PR China, DPR Korea
Type of Resource: 
UNDP/GEF has provided assistance to countries bordering the Yellow Sea in support of their efforts to address among others the increasing trends of depleting fishery stocks, loss of coastal wetland, land and sea-based pollution and implementation of the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Strategic Action Programme (YSLME SAP) adopted by China and RO Korea. One of the assistance programs to implement the SAP is the UNDP/GEF/UNOPS project entitled Implementing the Strategic Action Programme for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem: Restoring Ecosystem Goods and Services and Consolidation of a Long-term Regional Environmental Governance Framework, or the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project. The objective of this regional project is to achieve adaptive ecosystem-based management of the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem bordered by China and RO Korea by fostering long-term sustainable institutional, policy and financial arrangements for effective ecosystem-based management of the Yellow Sea in accordance with the YSLME SAP. The four components of the project are sustainable national and regional cooperation for ecosystembased management and improved ecosystem carrying capacity (ECC) with respect to provisioning services, regulating and cultural services, and supporting services.