A framework for monitoring and assessing socioeconomics and governance of large marine ecosystems

Jon G. Sutinen (Editor)
North America
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Guides and Manuals

In September 1997, NOAA awarded a contract (i.e., #40 ENN F7 00378) to researchers at the University of Rhode Island to develop the conceptual framework for the analysis and monitoring of the large marine Ecosystem (LME) modules for socioeconomic activity and governance of LMEs. This report provides a framework for linking the socioeconomic and governance modules with the natural resource science-based LME modules (productivity, fish and fisheries, and pollution and ecosystem health). This report fulfills the terms of the 12-mo contract. This report series represents a secondary level of scientifiic publishing. All issues employ thorough internal scientific review; some issues employ external scientific review. By design, reviews are transparent collegial reviews, not anonymous peer reviews. All issues may be cited in formal scientific communications.