Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Deep Sea Fisheries: Lessons from Orange Roughy

M. Lack, K. Short, A. Willock
Type of Resource: 
Best Practice / Lessons Learned

An overview of deep-sea fisheries is provided in Section 2. This is followed, in Section 3, by a description of the biological characteristics of Orange Roughy, a summary of Orange Roughy fisheries globally, a discussion of management and ecosystem impacts of these fisheries and an overview of international trade in Orange Roughy. Four case studies of Orange Roughy fisheries are presented in Section 4. These case studies, together with information on other Orange Roughy fisheries globally, are used, in Section 5, to identify lessons from the experience of Orange Roughy management. In Section 6 this analysis is used to identify implications for management of deep-sea fisheries more generally and to make recommendations for improved management of these species.