Vulnerability Assessment Tools for Coastal Ecosystems : A Guidebook

Marine Environment and Resources Foundation, Inc. (MERF)
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor-Leste, Oceania
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This Guidebook is part of the on-going commitment of Filipino marine scientists to provide tools for improving coastal resources management in the Philippines amidst the backdrop of a constantly changing global climate. While the publication of this Guidebook was primarily supported by Conservation International – Philippines through the USAID Coral Triangle Support Partnership program, the development and refinement of the tools spanned several programs, projects, agencies, and support organizations over the course of five years culminating in this Guidebook. These progressive groups are acknowledged in the preceding section. We present here the story leading to this publication and the people and institutions who contributed to its fruition.

The development of these vulnerability assessment tools for coastal systems began in response to the need of several partners to incorporate climate change impacts in conservation planning and coastal resources management programs. In 2008, Conservation International Philippines (CIP) with funding support from the CI headquarters in Arlington (Virginia, USA), commissioned this Guidebook’s main authors to conduct one of the first vulnerability assessments in the country which focused on marine biodiversity. The study was conducted for the Verde Island Passage, an important marine biodiversity conservation corridor in the country. The scientists developed and applied initial and novel methods to evaluate vulnerabilities of coastal habitats, fisheries, and human well-being to different climate exposure scenarios and potential impacts.

The methods applied in the VIP climate change vulnerability assessment were further enhanced by the same authors under the Philippines’ National Economic Development Authority’s Millennium Development Goal Achievement Fund or NEDA - MDG-F 1656: Strengthening the Philippines’ Institutional Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change.