IW:LEARN Launches Interactive CD on Marine Biodiversity for all Schools in the Republic of Mauritius

"This CD ROM 'Discover the Wonders of the Ocean' is in line with contemporary pedagogical approaches that are geared towards hands-on learning and are an alternative to exam-oriented learning goals. It has been developed by NGO Reef Conservation which has been working with the Ministry of Education for the last decade to include marine environmental lessons in the school curriculum through support from many funders, a major one being the GEF Small Grants Programme implemented by UNDP. 

The public beaches and lagoons of Mauritius are increasingly used nationwide during the weekends and public holidays. Despite this, knowledge and understanding of the marine environment remains poor, and the use of beaches and coastal zone development continues to affect lagoon habitats. Sensitising youngsters and the general public about the need to protect our lagoons has become imperative. The “Discover the Wonders of the Ocean” CD ROM is aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the coastal and marine environment of Mauritius among youngsters and the general public. It is divided into two main parts:

  1. An introductory part on the basic concepts of the marine environment, and
  2. A more in-depth discovery part on the main coastal and marine habitats found around Mauritius.

It is hoped that this CD ROM will greatly contribute to biodiversity conservation, as a larger number of Mauritians will grow more and more aware of the impacts of their activities on the lagoon. Environmental education promotes attitudes and value systems that will enable people to participate as active and informed citizens in the development of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society. In Mauritius, environmental education is fundamental to the achievement of the goal of sustainable development."

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