Water Use and Supply Management

Water and Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins: Lessons Learned and Good Practices

<p>In spite of local uncertainties about the intensity and variability of climate change, the frequency of extreme phenomena that result from it, and about its impacts on water resources, it is urgent to initiate adaptation measures in river basin management, including transboundary basins. Thus, the drafting of multi-year Management Plans for the Basins of national and transboundary rivers, lakes and aquifers, is becoming a priority and should incorporate these adaptation measures.

Pathway to success: compendium of best practices in rural sanitation in India

<p>One of the major challenges before India is to provide sustainable sanitation and hygiene to its vast diverse and growing population. The Government of India has declared its commitment towards achieving MDG goals and universal sanitation coverage in the country by the year 2022, but with the current rural sanitation coverage of 32.7 percent, this is a challenging task. The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has already risen to the occasion with renewed strategies and approaches.

Towards Integrated Water Resources Management. International experience in development of river basin organisations

<p>This report looks at the development of River Basin Organisations (RBOs) in terms of availability of data, logical demarcation, adequate organisational design, clear mandates, stakeholder participation and transparent decision-making, integrated planning systems and capacity building amongst others. It contains five central chapters including a background on IWRM, Justification for river Basin Management through River Basin Organisations, Types of River Basin Organisations, Decentralisation and Subsidiarity and Development of River Basin Organisations.</p>


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